14 Outer events reflect self-creation

14 Outer events reflect self-creation
Finding Gold
14 Outer events reflect self-creation

Jan 31 2023 | 00:27:38

Episode 14 January 31, 2023 00:27:38

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Jill Loree

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Our self-imposed blindness removes us so far from awareness of self-creation that we really do become removed from what we create. Then our creations don’t seem to even be connected to our actions—the things we can control. This is painful. We feel we don’t deserve what’s happening and life is a frightening unpredictable place. We truly seem to be a victim of circumstance.

This is the great human hoax: that we are victims. There is no more painful or deadly game. But there’s no resistance greater than the one that doesn’t want to give up this hoax. Blinders: on.

We need to work through some of our blocks and resistance to see that what had seemed a fixed outer event, put haphazardly in our way, was really a logical extension of our inner attitudes and intentions. Once we see this, our worldview opens up. Doing this takes courage, humility and honesty, plus a whole lotta self-responsibility. But the relief, safety and creative strength we garner from this is hard to describe in words.

Over time, we find that we wouldn’t exchange the pleasure of self-responsibility with the fiction of being a victim for anything. We will come to see that life events are incontrovertibly linked to us. They are our creations. They will no longer be connected only as symbolic out-picturings. This brings us to Stage Two.

In the second stage, we can see the outer pictures we create with our inner dots. Knowing this changes nothing. We don’t immediately stop producing any self-creation just because we understand that we do this. We need to release all the associated pent-up energy and stagnant feelings before we can begin re-creating. But at least it’s now obvious where our dramas originate: our own feelings, attitudes, beliefs and intentions.

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